Welcome to Coquille Harvest Moon Garden!


Garden beds are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications for a garden bed are available beginning February 1st.

Use these links:
How to Rent a Coquille Harvest Moon Garden Bed
CHMG Garden Rules 2022
Coquille Harvest Moon Garden App 2022
SCCGA Membership App 2022

You can also download the application by going to “Applications” link above or go to our website:  After gardeners receive orientation, they can begin planting their garden beds. We have now raised all the beds in the center of the garden to 2 ft. as accessible beds. We have 20 2ft. high beds and 7 1 ft. beds along the fence line. We have redesigned our compost area and have added a sink so that gardeners can wash the dirt off their veggies. The water used will be redirected to water our food bank beds.

Our History:  The Coquille Community Garden Board was organized in the fall of 2008 by a group of local people who wanted a conveniently located garden where townspeople had the opportunity to grow their own vegetables.

We broke ground in spring of 2009, rented out beds and started planting that summer. We had 18 beds for renters, including 3 for people with physical limitations, and 8 Demonstration beds that the Board volunteers gardened for Food Bank donations. Currently, there are 27 beds for renters and 7 Demonstration beds used for teaching classes and also growing for our local food banks.

We have an arrangement with the Oregon State University Master Gardener program so Master Gardeners can come to volunteer in our garden to help garden  and answer garden questions. They also earn volunteer credit hours for the Master Gardener program. We have Master Gardeners on site Saturday mornings at 11:00am starting in mid-May.

Coquille Harvest Moon Garden  (CHMGA) has a fundraiser each year, a Spring Plant Sale. Each spring we start vegetable seeds with the intent of providing healthy veggie starts for our gardening community. The sale helps us raise money for maintaining the Community Garden.

Coquille Harvest Moon Garden is located in Coquille at 180 N. Baxter which is between the Auto Clinic on the corner of First and Baxter, and the Pioneer Methodist Church on the corner of Baxter and Second St., right in the heart of Coquille. For more information, check out our website at