Myrtle Point (Closed)

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Sadly, Earthworm Acres in Myrtle Point has had to close.

The community came together to open the garden in 2013. The wooden raised beds were built by the Coquille Tribe, Myrtle Point High School students, and many community volunteers. A garden shed was donated by the Myrtle Point Rotary Club. Community volunteer Leon Smith has continued his support. After building an arbor, fence and gate, he added a “Community Garden” sign and a deck where gardeners can gather for classes or socializing. The business community has been supportive as well.

The garden produces fresh, nutritious produce not only for families, but also for the community. Excess vegetables are donated to the Myrtle Point Food Bank, the Myrtle Point Senior Activity Center and from a bin located along the sidewalk outside the garden.

School children have learned basic botany by gathering leaves to mulch the garden.

Garden members are working to communicate valuable gardening information to the community. Gardeners get access to a “Snail Mail” box at the garden as well as the garden’s monthly newsletter, The Composter. They can also utilize the locally based Coos County Master Gardeners for plant and pest problems.

For more information, contact garden president Heather Lilienthal at (541) 294-1161 or through